På grund av personliga omständigheter söker Renslingans Keb, ”Norman”, född 2022-01-11, ett nytt kärleksfullt och aktivt hem. Hans föräldrar är Renslingans Dinie och Vindhøj’s Store Dane som båda är högt meriterade på fältprov och jagade med. Norman själv har påbörjat jaktträning och visat mycket goda anlag. Här följer en beskrivning från ägaren. Kontakta henne vid intresse.


Hi everyone,

Due to changed circumstances, it breaks my heart to say that I am looking for a new, permanent home for my dog, Norman.

Norman is a 1,5 year old Drentsche Patrijshond, or Dutch Partridge dog, or Drent. Norman is a bird dog, and he has extremely strong pointing, hunting and retrieving instincts. He comes from Renslingan’s Kennel in Funäsdalen, Sweden. Norman comes from a strong line of pure-bred Drents. His mother has competed in and won tracking competitions. Both his mother and father have high qualifications at field trials. If you are interested, I will share more of the lineage and paperwork. Norman has a passport, is vaccinated and has been chemically castrated, which will last up until next February.

Norman is always described as the happiest dog people have ever met. He is extremely intelligent and picks new tricks up quickly. He loves other dogs and people, including children. People really love him! He is also quite goofy; he still runs like a floppy puppy.

He acts differently inside the house compared to outside the house. Inside, he listens very well, will be quite cuddly, and wants to be near you. Outside on leash walks, he gets quite distracted by all of the sights and smells, and wants to be independent. We have been training him, but he still needs more training for leash walking and recall. He has extremely strong hunting instincts and will point at birds in the city. He likes to have tasks to do in the house and outside. He listens fairly well if he is off leash and never ventures too far away. He has been exposed to guns and birds, but not often enough. He needs more of this training as well.


I currently live in an apartment in Stockholm, and I work full-time. Norman really needs a home with more land where he can run around and an owner that can hunt with him and mentally stimulate more than I can. He is still a young dog, and he has a lot of energy. He needs exposure to tracking, birds, all of the great activities that a hunting dog requires.

If you are interested in learning more and in caring for a beautiful and happy dog, please message me. I want to find him the perfect place where he will be well cared for. Thank you!

Lauren Wyatt

+46 070 499 62 95

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